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You can find useful links at Hub of Hope: 'Take time to look at your options and give yourself a chance to find the right help for you'

and Mind: 'Explains what talking therapies are, what happens during therapy, how to get the most from therapy...'

You can find my page on the UKCP website and on Counselling Directory and on the website for '8AKP'

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UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) professional standards authority accredited register

"...what I have had to learn as a therapist, and as a patient in therapy, is that feeling bad is not actually bad for you. It is part of living a full life, and an important part at that. Sadness, grief, anger, disappointment: all these feelings and more are what we experience when we do things like grow and develop, let ourselves love freely, take important risks, and have friends and lovers and children and adventures"
Moya Sarner, NHS psychotherapist and author of 'When I Grow Up', writing in 'The Guardian'

"...feelings of despair... have roots, they're not incomprehensible, and they can be undone and put together in a different way"
Susie Orbach talking with Michael Rosen: 'Word of Mouth - Therapy Speak' on Radio 4

"Therapists are still seeing people who are dealing with the consequences of Covid-19 and coming to terms with the impact the pandemic has had on their lives, such as bereavement, isolation, and anxiety, but also a range of other issues in society at the moment including the rising cost of living, war, and climate change"
Fiona Ballantine Dykes, BACP deputy CEO: 'Let's Talk'

"Doesn’t it make sense that so many of us are suffering? Of course it does: we are living in a traumatising and uncertain world. The climate is breaking down, we’re trying to stay on top of rising living costs, still weighted with grief"
Dr Sanah Ahsan, clinical psychologist: about mental health

and responses

"Despite the fact that it is a universal human experience, something we all have to go through at some point in our lives, grief is still not taken seriously enough"
Natalie Morris, author of 'Mixed/Other: Explorations of Multiraciality in Modern Britain'




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Aerial view of Cambridge, giving a different perspective

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